Wes G. Iseley
Senior Managing Director, Carington Holding Company
2019-2021 Chair

Wes G. Iseley is a customer service focused general management executive with experience ranging from directing large firms to developing growing companies into industry leaders. At Carrington Holding Company, Iseley is responsible for all external transactions and manages Carrington’s relationships across their family of companies.


Raymond Barbone
Executive Vice President
2017-2019 Chair

JK Huey
Senior Vice President
Wells Fargo (Retired)
Chair 2015-2017

Steve Bailey
Chief Operating Officer
Penny Mac
2013-2015 Chair

Eric Schuppenhauer
SVP Home Lending
JPMorgan Chase
2012-2013 Chair

Anthony Meola
Servicing Executive
Bank of America
2010-2012 Chair


The National Mortgage Servicing Association is committed to advancing best practices in the mortgage industry. The listed subcommittees actively work towards achieving this.


Leader – James Taylor, Wells Fargo
The concerns presented by the proliferation of vacant and abandoned residential properties are, at their core, consumer protection issues. These properties can potentially have a devastating effect on surrounding communities because they often become magnets for vandalism, squatting, and violent crime. In extreme cases, these properties have even led to the tragic loss of life. Surrounding properties can expect to experience a loss of value—a significant detriment to the primary source of wealth for many American families.

The Vacant & Abandoned Properties working group was researches and advocates on this crucial issue on behalf of the industry. The NMSA is working with HUD, CFPB, FHFA, and other federal stakeholders toward the promulgation of sensible policy that addresses the challenges that these properties create for servicers and the communities that they serve.


Leader – Carlo Porcelli, Bank of America
The Work of this taskforce focuses its efforts on harmonizing mortgage servicing rules promulgated by HUD, CFPB, and other agencies of the federal government. The task force is involved in the development of a coherent, comprehensive, and uniform federal disaster response policy as well as advocacy regarding reforming the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA)