Ray Barbone

EVP Mortgage Services, BankUnited
2017-2019 Chair

Raymond S. Barbone is EVP Mortgage Services, with BankUnited, the largest bank headquartered in Florida where he oversees the residential lending and loan administration. Under his direction, BankUnited is recognized as a top performer in Treasury’s Home Affordable Modification Program. In addition, his team is involved with managing the reporting and claims administration requirements of BankUnited’s loss share agreement.



JK Huey

SVP, Wells Fargo (Retired)
Chair 2015-2017*


Steve Bailey

COO, Penny Mac
2013-2015 Chair


Eric Schuppenhauer

SVP Home Lending, JP Morgan Case
2012-2013 Chair


Anthony Meola

Servicing Executive, Bank of America
2010-2012 Chair

*Chair Emeritus


The National Mortgage Servicing Association is committed to advancing best practices in the mortgage industry. The listed subcommittees actively work towards achieving this.

Foreclosure Attorney Oversight Subcommittee

Chairman – Michael Waldron, Bayview Loan Servicing
This subcommittee works with the NMSA Chair to create best practices and liaise with law firms to ensure that the vendors that are utilized by the servicing community are viable and compliant.

Interagency Mortgage Regulation Taskforce

Chairman – Carlo Porcelli, Bank of America
The Work of this taskforce focuses its efforts on harmonizing mortgage servicing rules promulgated by HUD, CFPB, and other government agencies.

Vacant and Abandoned Properties Subcommittee

Chairman – James Taylor, Wells Fargo
The Vacant & Abandoned Properties working group was renewed to continue research and advocacy on this crucial issue. The NMSA is working with HUD, CFPB, and FHFA in order to get sensible policy in place that addresses the challenges that vacant and abandoned properties create for servicers and the communities that they serve.

NMSA Associate Members